Saturday, June 7, 2014


multitasking is when my papa is away for a whiles and my mama is juggling all the balls which is one named ruby and one named me daisy mae 

so she must be efficient which means saying we are going for a walks and then making us do joggings

joggings is when you walk too fast to smell the smells or know what that squirrel is up to or that one or that one or that one and also it makes you very tireds

i do not like joggings very much

my mama says it is because i am no spring chickens any more but i do not remember being any kind of chickens

i am a puppy

Friday, April 25, 2014

the bed

the bed is not for puppies

but sometimes if you are very very still

your mama will think you are just a piece of clean laundries

Thursday, February 14, 2013

it is my birthdays again

it is my birthdays again except this time i am five

in canadia there is lots of snows on my birthdays

it is not good for pooping but it is very good for playing in and my mama says these activities should be kept separates anyways

i hope you have a happy my birthdays too

Monday, July 30, 2012


mortality is when even though kitty takes medicines every day for a year she just feels worser and worser

and then one day she goes somewhere where you cannot see her anymore

but you can remember how it smelled to have her close

Saturday, July 7, 2012


moving is when you take everythings from where it is supposed to be and put it somewhere else

of all the horriblest things moving is the most horriblest

my mama says it is time to move into a new house so that my mama and my papa and ruby and kitty and me daisy mae are not all right on top of each other all of the times but then how will we know where everybodies is

my mama also says that kitty better stop being senile about the litter box if she thinks she is going to live in the new house with us which is a very silly thing to say because where else is kitty going to live

Saturday, June 30, 2012

cottage country

cottage country is a contested territory in canadia that is under siege by chippermonks

my mama and my papa and ruby and me we all packed up into the car and drove and drove and drove to the cottage which is a very nice house in the woods that needs to be defended against the forces of chippermonks and muskrats and beavers and otters which are a disturbing kind of river squirrel

out here the creatures are all extra cheeky for example those chippermonks will pop right out of this hole and look at you

it is very important when you are at the cottage that nobody relax or let their guards down for even a second and sometimes peoples forget and sit around reading and talking and enjoying the view and then you have to run around barking loudly for a while to remind everybodies that we are on high alert

my mama and my papa worked very hard to get us all out here in the middles of a busy summer so i am working super special hard to make it a success

Thursday, June 14, 2012

i have been very busy

i have been very busy lately with my new job which makes it difficult to find time to write it all down

nannying is when you have to watch the baby all the time to make sure she does not get into any troubles

it is hard work because she is very wiggly and roly poly and frequently surrounded by all these suspicious creatures

for example there was this duck that followed her around in the bath until i finally took care of it once and for all

one time my aunt kathryn came to visit and i could finally have a moment of rest

but it was not a very long moment